Answered By: ACOM Library / LRC
Last Updated: Jul 12, 2019     Views: 636

You must confirm your UpToDate account every 90 days to continue using the mobile app.  The app will prompt you to log in to your account when needed or you may get an email from UpToDate alerting you that your mobile access will be terminated unless you log in to your account via the web on the ACOM network. 

To confirm your account and get another 90 days of app usage:

  1. Go to the library website at and click on UpToDate on the left side of the page. Log in with your ACOM username and password through the red ACOM login page.  (If you are are on the ACOM campus, you won't need to login with your ACOM account).
  2. Then you also have to log in to UpToDate itself with your UpToDate username and password for your personal account (this isn't your ACOM user ID and password). If you have forgotten it use the Login in Help link on the Up to Date login page (see image below).

Why do I have to do this?

Since they don't have a way to authenticate you through the mobile app the only way the vendor knows you are with ACOM is by logging on via the Library website. What you are saying is 'yes, I am still with ACOM. See I can log on to their network.' 

Why do I have to log on to both the Library website and the Up To Date website?

Logging on to the Library website site tells the vendor 'I am affiliated with ACOM so let me in no matter who I am.' But to use the CE and mobile app they need to know specifically who you are so they can keep track of CEs and give you access to the app since there is no other way to authenticate you. So you are telling Up To Date 'I'm not just with ACOM, I am John from ACOM, so give me access.'